Minimox® Self-Protective Alloy Treatment

Minimox® Self-Protective Alloy Treatment reduces alloy oxidation and flaking at elevated temperatures. Minimox is a safe, economical, water-based solution that is designed to be applied in the field. It works on a variety of alloys, including stainless steels, aluminum, nickel, titanium, magnesium, and superalloys and has demonstrated success over 1100°C (2000°F). One application for Minimox includes reduction of scaling on components being heat treated as well as protecting the furnace itself.Minimox can also reduce corrosion, including metal dusting and carbon attack. Other applications include improving the mechanical properties of composites and the reduction of coking.

See it work

Turbine blades heat treated in air without Minimox

Turbine blades heat treated in air with Minimox

Oxidation Resistance

The Minimox® coating process was initially developed to reduce material loss due to excessive oxidation.

Heat Treating

Stainless steel blades can be successfully heat treated/annealed in air with Minimox coating.

Corrosion Resistance

An aluminum alloy was coated with Minimox® solution and put into service in an oxidizing atmosphere.


Coating of composite fillers with Minimox (before infiltration) have yielded improved mechanical properties.

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Contact our office to ensure your environment is suitable for the use of Minimox. Please include the specific alloy type and temperature range anticipated.

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